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The Pink Pony

The Port Huron-Mackinac sailboat race has just finished at Mackinac Island, and the racers head for the nearest bar, the legendary Pink Pony. This night, however takes on a grisly turn and the next morning one of the skippers, Jimmy Lyons, is found in the bar strangled to death by a string of Christmas tree lights. Burr Lafayette celebrated at The Pink Pony the night of the murder and takes on the case, largely because he needs the money. Late forties, recently divorced and a part-time father, he is a man at loose ends. The deposed head of the litigation department of a major Detroit law firm, he much prefers boats and fishing, dogs and duck hunting, women and wine. Nonetheless, he is a brilliant, if reluctant litigator.


Burr sets out on a journey filled with unsavory characters and legal setbacks. Burr, though, is at his best in court. A legal twist almost costs him the case, but he finally untangles the characters and their secrets, and, in a thrilling and shocking climax, unmasks the murderer.


The Pink Pony is Anatomy of a Murder and The Thin Man rolled into one. A legal thriller with larger than life characters and a plot that will keep you guessing to the last sentence. Once you pick up The Pink Pony, you won't be able to put it down.

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Coming Soon:
The Wicked and The Lovely

Six years ago, Frank Tavohnen accidentally killed his then wife in the basement of their Petoskey, Michigan home. New evidence, however, is uncovered by an overzealous prosecutor who believes the killing was no accident. While decorating the Christmas tree with his new family, Frank is hauled out of his Grosse Pointe home and arrested for murder.


But all is not lost...yet. Suzanne Fairchild, the sister of Frank's new wife, tries to recruit her former lover, Burr Lafayette, to defend Frank. Burr, in his late forties and recently divorced, is the deposed head of the litigation department of a major Detroit law firm. He is, however, a reluctant advocate having no interest or experience in this or any criminal case. A man at loose ends, Burr much prefers duck hunting with his yellow lab, fly fishing with his law partner, and the pleasures of good red wine. Nonetheless, he is a brilliant litigator and Suzanne finally persuades him to take the case.To prepare for the trial, Burr moves his office to his leaky sailboat in Harbor Springs, just across Little Traverse Bay from Petoskey. He soon discovers there are more secrets buried in Frank's basement and hidden in Petoskey than Suzanne ever let on. The case turns out to be more than a murder trial, and Burr finds his own life in danger.


The Wicked and the Lovely is a legal thriller with larger than life characters living in a town too small for secrets. Once you pick up The Wicked and the Lovely, you won't be able to put it down.

The Wicked and The Lovely will be released this coming Spring.

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