The Pink Pony

“…a first-rate murder mystery where nothing is as it seems.
-Bill Castanier, Literary writer at the Lansing City Pulse

The Gray Drake

“A smashing murder mystery featuring a quick-witted protagonist …”
-Kirkus Reviews

Bear Bones

“A taut, alluring mystery”
-Kirkus Reviews

The Crooked Angel

“Another superb installment in this legal thriller series.”
-Kirkus Reviews

Under The Ashes

“A first-rate murder mystery.”
-Kirkus Reviews

Charles Cutter

Author of Northern Michigan murder mysteries, including The Crooked Angel, Bear Bones, The Gray Drake, Under The Ashes and The Pink Pony.

Latest Release

MARCH 2023

Under The Ashes

“Under the Ashes is like a good gin and tonic: clean, crisp, and with a bite.” —Steven Pruett, Executive Chairman, Cox MediaGroup


Why people love author Charles Cutter!

"A smashing murder mystery featuring a quick-witted protagonist...Cutter's razor-sharp dialogue in the courtroom (is) truly unforgettable."

~ Kirkus Reviews

"A Charles Cutter mystery is pure Michigan."

~ Peter Anthony Holder, The Stuph File

"A mystery with a protagonist who's truly in his element inside the courtroom."

~ Kirkus Reviews


Under The Ashes

Charles Cutter, Author, talks about his newest addition,
Under The Ashes.