The Crooked Angel

Brian Dunn killed his wife with a deer rifle. The police thought it was an accident. But was it?

Brian remarried, moved downstate to Grosse Pointe and started a new family. Six years later, an ambitious prosecutor finds new evidence and hunts Brian down.

The police burst into Brian’s house while he’s decorating the Christmas tree with his new wife and their five-year-old daughter. They haul him away charge him first degree murder.

Burr Lafayette, the deposed head of a major Detroit law firm, is recruited by his beautiful ex-girlfriend to defend Brian. A man at loose ends, Burr prefers dogs, boats, women and wine to clients and courtrooms. But he’s a brilliant litigator. He discovers there are more secrets than Brian ever let on. Just as he’s about to solve the murder, Burr’s own life is threatened.

A legal thriller with larger-than-life characters and a town too small for its secrets, The Crooked Angel is Steve Hamilton’s A Cold Day in Paradise and Scott Turow’s Presumed Innocent rolled into one.

The Crooked Angel is the fourth book in the Burr Lafayette Mystery series by the author of The Pink Pony, The Gray Drake and Bear Bones.


The Crooked Angel

“Cutter’s narrative maintains a relentless edge while an unsettling ambiguity hangs over everything. Another superb installment in this legal thriller series.”

~ Kirkus Reviews